- Our Story -


“Life is a combination of magic and pasta.” 

 -   Federico Fellini  -

Please let us introduce ourselves: we are Alessio (born in Catania, Sicily) and Laura (born in Milan, Lombardy) – the husband and wife team behind Pastasciutta, the pasta corner in Chelmsford Market. We met 25 years ago in Milan and as well as falling in love with each other, we also fell in love with our shared interests, a passion for food, and for hospitality.

We started our experience in 1999 in Acitrezza, the little village mentioned by Giovanni Verga in his novel I Malavoglia. We worked hard to make our dream come true, we have always believed in a place where customers felt welcomed by a true familiar atmosphere, offering the best food and traditional recipes.

During these years the willingness to always learn new things and enjoy new experiences pushed us to move to England. "Go wherever but go together" is our motto, and a really strong sense of closeness, togetherness, and familiarity is something that we have tried to mirror in both our food and humble market stall.

No particular reason brought us here in Chelmsford, but we like to think that as the Italian Guglielmo Marconi happened to develop his incredible own ideas here, we wanted to develop ours and fulfill our dreams too.

So please let us introduce you to a very important part of Italian culture – the Art of pasta making.
Our ethos is based on the idea that a home and handmade product, made with care, attention, passion and love, is always the Best product! 
Enjoy your Pasta!